Melbourne Mistress

by The Guilts

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♥ Melbourne Mistress

The pious want forgiveness
For the stain of lustful thoughts
The wanton want for nothing
Except for that which can’t be bought
You lead a charmed existence
In your North Shore conurbation
But your house with harbour views
Lacks a certain sophistication
And it is not just scarves and coffee
They do things differently down south
They will kiss you once on each cheek
Then often on the mouth
And if it can’t be done while smoking
Then it ain’t worth doing at all
In every prime location
There hangs a heavy pall
You’ve got something to hide
Have you told your Melbourne mistress
About your husband on the side?

Visions, premonitions
A seer’s sacrifice
You came by your own volition
To seek our sage advice
And you feel fifteen years younger
While the wolves surround the camp
Your secret southern lover
Keeps a cruel djinn in her lamp
For posture, health and fitness
You had better learn to dance
You spent the whole lonely ride home
Interpreting a glance
And keep your opinions and secrets
Firmly to yourself
Align your spine with movement
Your mouth might ruin your health
You’ve got something to hide
Have you told your Melbourne mistress
About your husband on the side

She kisses you hello
She opens up her home
She leads you through the parlour
To her rooms of red and gold

Sir, this is reception
A message came this morning
A gentleman from Sydney
Wonders if you’ll be returning?


released November 30, 2015
Written by Gabriel Piras
Arranged and performed by The Guilts
Produced by Adam Casey and The Guilts
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Casey at True Vine

Painting by Amy Hynes, Logo by Sebastian Berto

Ed Farrar, Andrew Howe, Duncan McBride, James Naughtin, Gabriel Piras



all rights reserved


The Guilts Melbourne, Australia

Rhythm and Blues from Melbourne, Australia

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